May 16, 2012

U visas will be renewed!

House passed the Adams bill to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act in a 222-205 vote.

Please note there were 22 Republicans who crossed party lines, and voted with Dems against this anti-immigrant version of VAWA.

Vote tally here:

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May 07, 2012

“Please don’t eliminate VAWA protections for immigrant women. Oppose H.R. 4970.”

call Speaker John Boehner (R- OH-8): DC phone: 202-225-6205

As the Speaker John Boehner has the power to influence Rep. Smith, the Chair of the Judiciary to defeat this bill or remove the offending provisions. If you’re able to make a call please let me know with a quick email. Please forward on to others who you think would be interested in making the call.


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